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In the software development and programming world we use the term Rockstar or Unicorn to describe someone who’s talent and skills far exceed the average developer. Safania is my Rockstar, Unicorn marketer! Owning the “Look” aspect of marketing strategy for Cardcraft & Ribbn. Safania has demonstrated her versatility and strong grasp of marketing concepts and skills time and again. In the short time working together she has grown our Instagram following almost 100% engagements are up and a 400% increase in sales and orders is directly tied to Safania efforts. She is a natural leader and great learner in addition to mentor to others on the team!
— Damola Omotosho, Founder of Cardcraft and Ribbn

Safania is a dedicated social media manager and knows the ins and outs of staying relevant on social. During her time with Heartbeat she dove in headfirst to moderating our Facebook community of 4000+. We’re grateful to have such committed team members working on our behalf to keep our community alive and strong. Thanks Safania!
— Brian Freeman, Founder of Heartbeat

As a busy entrepreneur there is only so much you can do for yourself. Working with Safania has made my work life so much easier. I am competent with social media/marketing but found it often took time away from servicing my clients. She really took the time to understand my small business and what our primary focus was. We worked together as a team and I really appreciated how she simplified my marketing tools.

I also really appreciated having her as a sounding board for creative ideas and her patience whenever I requested a revision. Having someone who was familiar with my industry and enthusiastic to help was a win win. She greatly helped my business and I would recommend Safania to any of my clients or personal friends who need help with their social media marketing. Thank you Safania!
— Tanya Gottlieb, Founder of Fashion Hunters